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Your Story

As a student of A Course in Miracles, you likely have a miracle story to tell!

We hope that you will feel inspired to share your own story, so that we are able to grow The Treasure House and continue to connect with and inspire others on this path. And we’re devoted to helping you in that process.

We are interested in hearing about your experiences of healing and happiness, shifts in perception, moments of grace, expressions of Christ’s love given and received—any situation or relationship that you felt was blessed by your work with the Course and the changes it is bringing to your life.  In particular, we would like to showcase situations where the expression of loving forgiveness from one person to another has resulted in the healing of a relationship.  We are mindful of the passage from Chapter 26 of the Text which states: “The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.”

If you have a story that you’d be willing to share with us for possible inclusion within The Treasure House, please simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Review our Guiding Questions and address them within the fabric of your story. As you draft your miracle story, please hold in mind that our goal is to paint a complete and compelling picture for fellow Course students.

Step 2: Send your draft story to us at  It will be helpful if you can send us your story as an MS Word document attached to your email.  We will send you a grateful confirmation that we received it.

Step 3: We will review your story in light of the Guiding Questions and return it to you with any questions we may have and with any suggestions for light editing that may be helpful.

Step 4: Respond to our suggested edits and resend the revised story to us.

Step 5: We will return the final draft to you for your review and consent prior to posting it to The Treasure House.

Step 6: Rejoice! Your story is now a shimmering jewel among the shining treasure of our growing collection.

Alternately, we’d be happy to begin the storytelling process by scheduling a personal interview with you via phone or video conference call, whichever you prefer. Based on our conversation, we will then compose a first draft of your story to share with you. The remaining steps of the process will flow from there.

We look forward to joining you in this process of growing our Story Treasury. Thank you so much for contributing to The Treasure House!