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The Savior’s Vision

Shared by Amy

This is the savior’s vision: that he see his innocence in all he looks upon, and see his own salvation everywhere. He holds no concept of himself between his calm and open eyes and what he sees. He brings the light to what he looks upon, that he may see it as it really is.” (From Text Chapter 31)

In 2016 I made a decision to let the Workbook practice be new to me – to read each day’s lesson as if I had never seen it before, and to do my very best to follow the instructions for the day as precisely as I could.

One surprising “side effect” of my newly devoted practice that winter was that I was blessed with brief but vivid glimpses of Jesus in my mind’s eye. Although these visions were fleeting, they felt very real to me and gave me the sense of not just seeing him, but also of really being with him and knowing him.

The first occurred on a cold and dreary morning as I was driving to work. I noticed that a line of cars had backed up on the other side of the street, because there was a woman in the road. She was dressed in many layers and was pushing a shopping cart, and she had bent over to pick up what looked like an empty plastic bottle in the gutter.

Suddenly, in my mind, Jesus was there with her. Joyfully. He had his arm around her and his face was smiling into hers with complete delight. I saw him point up ahead to another plastic bottle in the road, happy to help his friend on her treasure hunt.

He seemed completely unaware of the frustration and impatience of the drivers waiting in their cars, and utterly unfazed by the gray and gloomy weather. He didn’t try to hurry the woman out of the way or get her to a homeless shelter or otherwise attempt to alter the situation. He simply loved her. And that changed everything.

This happened so quickly, in the short time it took me to pass by on my side of the street. But it seemed almost as if time had stopped.

Still, I continued on my way, feeling blessed by the gift and just holding it in my mind as I drove on. And then as I neared my office I was passing the cemetery that I drive by every day. Again, on the other side of the road, I noticed there was a dead deer on the pavement in front of the cemetery. And again, suddenly, Jesus was there.

At first, he was kneeling next to the deer’s body, smiling and gently stroking its head. And then the deer awoke and its spirit began to run and then to rise up off the ground as if flying! And I saw Jesus running along behind it, barely able to keep up, laughing playfully. Again, this vision was so brief, but somehow timeless.

Of course those glimpses of him stayed with me throughout the day. I didn’t want to analyze them or question them. I just wanted to let them live in my mind and shine in me. And I felt quietly changed by what I had seen: two glimpses of what would have been among the grimmest circumstances this world has to offer, but that were completely transformed by his presence, his vision, his love, his joy.

As I recall those glimpses, even several years later, I’m thankful to him and for him. And I’m grateful beyond words for the Workbook practice that lets me understand and follow him, and teaches me how to look for him—and find him—everywhere and always.