About this site

The Treasure House is a collaborative project of two friends, Amy Speach and Brian Parsons, who are long-time students of A Course in Miracles. Our goal is to create an online collection, a “treasury,” of first-hand accounts of life-changing experiences from students who are applying the principles of the Course in their daily lives.

The Course presents the idea that each of our expressions of love to others is retained in a holy place which is likened to a “treasure house.” Unlike the world, the more we give these gifts, the more we receive them. In fact, these treasures are the only thing of lasting value in the world. These words from Chapter 5 in the Text offer a beautiful portrayal of this idea:

“I have saved all of your kindnesses and every loving thought you have had, and I assure you that you have had many. I have purified them of errors which hid their light, and have kept them for you in their own perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know that what God creates is eternal.”

At The Treasure House, we seek to mirror this exchange of blessings by developing an online collection of stories that paint a picture of miracles at work in the lives of real people. Specifically, with this website, we hope to make a positive contribution to the healing journey of our fellow Course students by offering the following:

  • An ever-growing collection of authentic, complete, and compelling stories, arranged by themes such as Relationships, Challenging Situations, Visions, and Dream Experiences. See the Life Stories page;
  • An opportunity for interested students to add their own miracle stories to this collection. See the Share a Story page; and
  • A way for website visitors to contact us and receive all newly posted stories going forward. See the Follow Us page.

Amy: For me, one of the greatest joys of being a student of A Course in Miracles over the years has been getting together with other Course students and hearing their stories about how their lives have been blessed by their relationship with its teachings. I had often thought it would be nice to have a way of collecting and sharing those stories. And so when Brian and I became friends and study partners, it was wonderful to discover this was something we could collaborate on, in Jesus’ name, and offer as a gift and invitation to others. It’s now our honor to welcome you to The Treasure House community. Thank you so much for being here.

Brian: I first received A Course in Miracles as a beautiful and selfless “gift” from my mother. Read my miracle story here. Over the years, I have witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit’s perception to heal interpersonal relationships and to guide me from fear to peace within my daily life as well as my sleeping dreams. Amy and I became friends while participating in a Course study group in 2016, and we continue our Course study together each week. We share a common interest in the real-life experiences of Course students and the power of the literary story to convey those experiences. We feel guided to gather and offer miracle stories to others as a loving service. It is our prayer that the stories in The Treasure House will inspire others as they have inspired us. They are truly a treasure!