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A New Realization

Shared by Laurie

At summer’s end, I was told by my manager at my part-time job as a social club’s bookkeeper that I was being replaced by a full-time person and would be losing my position.

My first reaction was an internal flurry of fearful, angry, and chaotic thoughts. But it didn’t take long before I “woke up” and realized I wasn’t feeling good about what I was thinking. I had been reading from Chapter 12 of A Course in Miracles, and I had been working with the idea that “When you want only love you will see nothing else.” I made a deliberate choice to change my thoughts and return to peace of mind.

Immediately I felt a sense of freedom and peaceful mind, like being released from a ball and chain! And I recognized, actually, I was ready to leave this job. I had outgrown the need to be there. This situation was an opportunity for me to continue practicing being Love, as God created me. I thank God in gratitude for the gift.

The surprising thing was that the company asked me to train my successor! Thanks to my changed perspective, it was with a clear mind and heart that I happily agreed to do so. I committed to working with my successor two-weeks, during my regular scheduled time; 2/days, 5-hrs per day totaling 20-hrs.

On the first day of training, I received a text from my former manager, only 15 minutes before my successor would be meeting me that she would not be available due to personal matters. I noticed that I did not go into judgment! Instead, while watching/managing my thoughts, I just shifted gears. I asked the Holy Spirit, “Okay, what’s next?” And in response I felt He was guiding me that day to be of help directly to my manager, and to support the company in their quest for growth and success.

For each of the remaining three days, as I was training my successor, I just went with her flow. I consciously chose to be present to her willingness to learn and her pace of learning, asking if she had any questions, or ideas to share. I tried to stay very aware of how well she was grasping what I was teaching, paying close attention to her energy level and whether she needed a break, and whether the ways I was teaching were working well for her.

What I found is we’re very much alike. She is detail-oriented, learns quickly, and has innovative ideas about how to streamline tasks. I’m very happy and I feel that she’ll be successful in her new job.

On the last day, I ended up working more than eight hours in lieu of the five I had been scheduled to, because we needed to catch up on time that was missed on that first day.

At the conclusion of the training, I was given two weeks’ severance pay, and before I left, I received surprise gifts, a box of See’s Candy (yum), a company t-shirt, and a gift certificate (no expiration date) to any of the Social Club’s Members’ monthly dinner dance.

I want to share, before I started the training sessions, out of curiosity, I went online and did a search posing this question: “Knowing that you lost your job, would you train your successor?” I wasn’t surprised to find that no one would do what I was doing!

But thanks to my work with A Course in Miracles it felt like a natural thing for me to be willing to contribute to the company this way, and I realized I could consider it an honor that they valued my three years and three months of service enough to want me to impart my understanding of the job to their new bookkeeper.

I am thrilled to have given myself the opportunity to practice unconditional giving.